Seth MacFarlane and Hosting the Oscars Again – “No Way”

John DeTitta-Seth MacFarlaneJohn DeTitta’s Reaction to the Oscars

John DeTitta here, thanks for having a look at the newest installment of my film blog! I recently read an article regarding the Oscars (well, I actually read a lot of articles about the Oscars but this one I wanted to share) from Rolling Stone that talked about whether or not Seth MacFarlane would want to host the Oscars again if he were offered. His answer? A resounding, “No way.”

MacFarlane on the Oscars

He did elaborate a bit on this though. You see, it wasn’t because he didn’t like hosting or thought that the Academy Awards were going downhill. Quite the opposite actually, MacFarlane mentioned that he had a great time hosting the Oscars. The problem was that there weren’t enough hours in the day and between his obligations with Family Guy and American Dad he was ending up spending over 150 hours a week working. If it went on for much longer he was worried that the quality of work was going to slip, but luckily the Oscars was over soon enough after this article was written that he didn’t think it was going to affect the quality of his work.

What We Can Learn

Though most of us will not be lucky enough to host the Oscars, we can all learn a bit from MacFarlane’s experience doing so. Often times people find it useful, even necessary, to bite off more than they can chew. Though this is a good strategy for some things, as MacFarlane quickly found out, if you overtax yourself for too long then the quality of your work is going to drastically decrease. It’s not worth it most of the time to work so much that you can literally do nothing else- when that starts to happen you really need to figure out what your priorities are and straighten things out before you get burnt out or fired from one of your gigs.

Hopefully you enjoyed the Oscars as much as I did, and if you want to be like MacFarlane and host the Oscars one day I would highly recommend that you stop working 150 hour weeks and start really focusing your efforts on your strongpoints so that you actually have a chance to do so someday!

-John DeTitta

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