How to Get Your Start in Screenwriting

You do not have to have an extensive background in cinematic history, nor even have a degree in screenwriting in order to become a successful screenwriter. In fact, all you truly need is inspiration, a solid story line, and some guidance along the way to help your dreams become a reality.

Here are several ways you can get your start in screenwriting:

Take classes

While you do not necessarily need a degree in order to break into screenwriting, it is strongly recommended that you take some classes on the topic in order to get acquainted with Hollywood’s specific standards. These are offered by local colleges, art centers, and even some Hollywood agencies offer screenwriting bootcamps to give you a leg up on the competition.

Get a job — any job — in Hollywood

There is no better way to become a Hollywood insider that to truly be a part of the inner workings of Hollywood’s greatest hits. Get a job as a stagehand or assistant for a film studio or even a friend of a friend of a major director. These networking opportunities and their resulting connections are an excellent way to get your ideas heard and drafts read.

Get to know other writers

Along the same vein of networking, it would be wise for you to establish connections with other aspiring writers in your area, no matter their chosen topic or medium. This can be done most effectively by joining a writer’s group, which will give you the opportunity to not only build connections, but share your work and receive valuable feedback as well.

Write for other media

Although you are passionate about screenwriting, it would be best for you to build a strong and diverse repertoire. The best way to achieve this feat would be to dedicate time to writing blog posts, newspaper columns, or even adapting your scripts into novels if possible. This not only expands your knowledge of different writing methods, but gets your name and work out there for more people to see — and hopefully be impressed with.

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