Goodbye 3D Movies (Maybe)

3D GlassesAccording to a recent article, a lot of people are thinking that the novelty of the 3D movie is going to wear off in the near future and that 3D movie sales are going to decrease in the near future.  It all began with the great success of James Cameron’s Avatar, and then a lot of other people decided to jump on the bandwagon including recent releases such as The Great Gatsby.

I think that 3D movies are very intriguing.  When done correctly they can add a whole new element to the movie that you wouldn’t be able to achieve in a regular 2D motion picture.  Hopefully, if movies continue to be tasteful when they are creating 3D movies we won’t see this as much as a “novelty” or a “gimmick” but rather as a film style that can help movies reach levels that they couldn’t have before.

“Attendance likely benefited from the initial proliferation of 3D films,” says the report. “However, the initial excitement has dwindled, and consumers are focused again on the overall quality of the film and are weighing the cost of a premium ticket versus a base 2D ticket.”

Based on the article, another big factor to the decline in 3D movie sales is going to be their price.  If you haven’t been a 3D film recently you wouldn’t know that the tickets to see one are much more expensive than going to see a movie without 3D.  In the beginning this was justified because of the cost of the glasses and the technology that went into creating the movie, but years later it’s pretty clear that unless they are able to decrease the price of 3D movies so that they’re the same or very close to 2D movies that there is going to be a decline in sales.

What do you think about 3D movies?  Are they going to decline in the near future or do they have some staying power?

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